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Grannies Famous Pancakes

Considered the Best Pancakes in Phoenix



“Best Pancakes ever. Thank you very much.”

Mr. T

“I pity the fool who doesn’t try Grannies Pancakes.”

A. Schwarzenegger

“I’ll be back… for more pancakes.”

Bill Clinton

“I can’t keep my hands off Grannies Pancakes.”

Homer Simpson

“MMmmmm Pancakes.”

P Diddy

“Grannies Pancakes are off the chain!”
best pancakes in phoenix

Everyone wants to be loved and remembered for something and Grannie will forever be loved for the way she made people smile each morning with her pancakes from heaven. Grannies core motivation has always been that she loves to make people smile. She always said that the most important part of each day was to start with a heart felt smile and a full stomach. It was no coincidence that she was born and raised on rich farmland in Maple Valley, Missouri where experienced farmers know how to make the most of all resources on the farm. Grannie was an expert at utilizing all those natural resources to create the most perfectly flavored, textured and served pancake known to man. Anyone who tries grannies pancakes agrees these are the best pancakes they have ever had.

Grannie had a special way of making people feel when she served her pancakes derived from years of hard work and loving expertise in the kitchen. To her the time she invested to create the perfect recipe directly translated into the love and care she naturally had for the people who came to enjoy breakfast. Grannies pancakes were so famous that people would volunteer to work on her farm just for the opportunity to arrive early and start the day with a pancake feast that was second to none. Grannie would spare no effort or personal sacrifice by rising way before the sun to mix in seasonal flavors such as pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, apples, walnuts and any variety imaginable from the fresh, seasonal ingredients. This is why her pancakes are considered the best pancakes in Phoenix.  

Why Are Grannies Pancakes the Best In Phoenix?

It was understood that Grannies philosophy centered on the fact that eating a hearty breakfast meant establishing a solid foundation for the rest of the workday. She was also wise enough to know that being able to enjoy the perfect pancakes in the company of other good people cultivated a spirit of camaraderie and optimism that permeated the entire work effort. Grannie appreciated the importance of using something simple to create memories and allow for healthy traditions to be established. There is nothing more fundamental to the success of a farm than serving great, home cooked meals made with appreciation for the bounteous blessings harvested from the land.

It was always amazing that although there were many maple rich trees available to tap in the valley, most folks chose not to desecrate that wonderful flavor of Grannies pancakes with syrup of any kind. Always one to be modest Grannie would still warm fresh maple syrup each time she served her pancakes. Some say that she would incorporate that very maple syrup into some of her most famous recipes which no one could ever quite duplicate.

Grannie will forever be remembered and cherished for her desire to make people smile with her famous pancakes. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be a millionaire to be famously loved and appreciated in a way that people will remember and hold dear for a lifetime. Find us on Google+

Best Pancakes in Phoenix - Grannies Pancakes
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