Grannies Story

I remember growing up in Missouri in the small town of Maple Valley; it was more of a province really with a Mayberry like neighborliness that extended throughout most of the year. When Spring arrived each year all the ladies who would easily sit and chat each afternoon at quilting bees suddenly had less time to spend quilting. You see this was due to the fact that my Grannies pancakes had become famous for winning the local county fair tasting competition with a giant blue ribbon and the local ladies were intent on combining resources to see her defeated! Grannie would graciously allow them to futilely put their heads together and took it as a sign of great respect.

What they neglected to understand was that before she moved to Phoenix, Grannie had been raised in Maple Valley on a farm. She knew how to make things from scratch that would melt in the mouth and awaken the taste buds to a whole new experience. Her rugged upbringing led her to think in unique ways when it came to cooking. Grannie knew how to rise early to squeeze the most out of each day. She also knew how to make the most out of all the food resources available only through farm living. I remember that she would always be out of bed hours before I was whenever I visited and she would spend much of that time assembling the perfect breakfast for those of us who would sleep in until 7 am.

Grannies famous pancakes have been famously great for generations. Her mother had the same unique ability to make mouthwatering, light and fluffy, hot off the griddle concoctions that were sure to lure even the hardest sleeper out of bed. Grannies mother always believed that breakfast was the most important meal of the day and she loved seeing all her family enjoy eating to their fill before heading out to work on the farm. These famous pancakes were so packed with goodness and cooked to perfection that secretly everyone in the family for generations has wished that the famous pancakes could be served at every meal.

My Grannie has yet to share her secret recipe with me, but she has allowed me to watch her prepare the batter when I visit her and arise early enough to observe. I have tried to replicate her finesse in my own kitchen but there is always something missing. Whether it is an added measure of love that Grannies famous pancakes always seems to come with, or just a little too much flour, I have yet to find the perfect match to Grannies famous pancakes. These pancakes are simply the best!

If you ever come out to Maple Valley, Missouri make sure to ask the locals about Grannies famous pancakes. You are sure to see a bit of a jealous sneer and maybe even a hint of annoyance but no one will be able to deny the truth that Grannies famous pancakes have deserved every award winning blue ribbon bestowed by the judges at the Maple Valley county fair. If you are lucky enough to come during the Spring county fair itself, during the last week of April, do all that you can to become a taste tester in the famous pancake competition. Locals are always looking for someone “impartial” to judge the pancakes and your pallet for pancakes will never be the same once get a taste of Grannies famous pancakes! Now that she has moved to Phoenix to be with family, her pancakes have been considered to be the best pancakes in Phoenix. If you get a chance…you will want to grab a copy of her secret recipe today so you can try these for yourself. Even though you can make them…you will need to realize that there is something to be said about having grannie herself make them. She just has that special touch.

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